High School: Greenwood Central School, Greenwood, NY
                  Class of 2002

Undergraduate: Lee University, Cleveland, TN
                       B.S. in Human Development, Licensure K-8
                       Class of 2006

Graduate: Lee University, Cleveland, TN
               M.Ed. in Classroom Teaching
               Class of 2009

Post-Graduate: Lincoln Memorial University
                      Ed.S. in Curriculum & Instruction
                      In Progress--Projected Class of 2012


Classroom Teaching:
2006 - 2011: 7th Grade Math at Bagley Middle School
2011 - Present: 8th Grade Math at Bagley Middle School

Extracurricular Sponsorship:
2006 -Present: Director of Drama Department, Bagley Middle School
       2007 - Into the Woods, Jr.
       2008 - Willy Wonka, Jr.
       2010 - Alice in Wonderland, Jr.
       2011 - BMSN (Bagley Middle School News) Morning Video Announcements

Volunteer/Missions Work:
2005 - Ukraine Cross Cultural Trip: Visited universities, elementary schools, and orphanages
2010 - Ethiopia: Visited orphanages, schools, and various homes for children
2011 - Cambodia: Youth "Camp" small-group leader, visited schools and orphanages



Ms. Anna York is originally from a very small town in western New York State. She grew up with seven siblings, of which she is the second born. She was home-schooled until the 10th grade, where she entered the local public school and became involved in the National Honor Society, band, chorus, drama, assisting coaches, and finally graduated as co-salutatorian of her senior class. Her favorite subject is school has always been math.

From a very early age, Ms. York wanted to become a teacher, although she always thought she would teach elementary-aged children. She attended Lee University for a teaching license in "elementary education." However, since the degree officially stated "K-8", she was forced to fulfill a student-teaching placement in a middle school. Within the first week of her middle school placement, Ms. York "fell in love" with the middle-school mind and decided that her dream job would be to teach middle-school math. A month after graduating with her teaching license, Murray County Schools noticed her application for a middle school math position and upon their offer, Ms. York gladly accepted the job as the "7A - Math" teacher at Bagley Middle School. She has learned that Bagley Middle School is truly a "Special Place for Special People" and could not ask for a better place to come to every day.