New Student Enrollment Notice

 Notice from MCSD

 **Changes to accepted Proofs of Residency**


LIST A -   We only have to have ONE of these

Power, Water,

Cable, Lease Agreement                            (Showing service address)


LIST B - We have to have TWO of these if document not provided in List A.

Mortgage Stmt., Food Stamp, Medicaid,

Child Support, or Disability Document, Bank Statement,

Car Insurance Stmt. or bill, Hospital Bill, Phone Bill- Cell or Land Line

Make sure you let parents know that the school may accept these alternative forms of proof in the event the school, in its discretion, believes the proof accurately reflects the residential address of the student, but the school reserves the right to reject the proofs if the school has reason to believe otherwise.

**All documents must be dated within the last 60 days and come to the physical address.  (No PO Boxes)