Bagley Middle School Cafe

School Nutrition
BMS Cafe Team

Amy Phillips

Food and Nutrition Manager

Phone: 706-695-1115 ext. 5552


Come and join us for breakfast and lunch in the Bagley Café.

Meal Pricing

lunch prices
  • Each breakfast meal (3 components), requires fruit or a juice
  • Lunch requires a fruit or a vegetable
  • Students must know lunch number (5 digit student id #)

The Free and Reduced Meal Application can now be completed online! 
Your student will receive a paper form at Open House.  Online completion is not required. 

Complete your Online Free and Reduced Form Now

Parents are responsible to ensure that children have an adequate lunch from home or sufficient funds to purchase school meals. To assist parents, student account balances can be monitored any time via My Payments Plus, see link below, regardless of whether you use the online funding option, send cash or checks, or you may call the school nutrition program. 
Payment Plus